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FRP Bypass APK

FRP Bypass APK one of the best Android tool available on the internet which helps to bypass the Factory Reset Protection developed by Google. FRP is the tech that has been implanted on most of the device with Android 5.0 and above which helps to protect the user’s privacy as well as the device. If you are facing issue with Google’s FRP, here I’m going to introduce you to an amazing app called FRP Bypass, with whom you’ll be able to bypass the factory reset protection on your device.

FRP Bypass APK is developed by an amazing team which really works and helps saving time and your device also. Google is so concerned about your security and privacy that they sometimes ask you to log in with the same Google account that you have used previously on your device to get access to the device. And if you forgot your password or email ID, that is just amazing, and there FRP Bypass APK comes handy and magically recovers your phone.

Here you’ll get to download the FRP Bypass APK file for free and how to use it with a step-by-step guide.

FRP by Google is good as long as you remember the password along with the email ID that has been used before resetting the device. So it is really important to check which email ID is being used on your Android device before resetting the device and make sure that you know the password. After resetting your device it’s OKAY if you don’t remember the password, which you can easily reset by following some steps, but if somehow you forgot your email ID, you are just stuck. So it’s very necessary to check these things before resetting any device.

FRP is implanted on most of the Android devices with Android 5.0 and above and most of the smartphone manufacturer are also supporting it to secure your data.

If somehow you forget your own FRP, that’s where the FRP Bypass APK comes in handy. It works like magic and very easy to use. No need to know any coding or anything, just use the app by following the steps below and you’ll be able to use your device normally within a minute.

FRP Bypass APK Q&A

Q.1. What is FRP?

FRP Stands for Factory Reset Protection.

Q.2. What is the use of FRP?

When a device gets stolen or and receives a reset, the device asks you to sign in with the Google account previously used on that device to use the device.

Q.3. Is FRP Bypass possible?

Of course, it is and here we are going to show you how.

Features of FRP Bypass APK

Well, I have already mentioned the main purpose of the app or the feature of FRP Bypass Tool App. Bypassing the FRP by Google on all Android devices is the main feature or purpose of this application, but anyway I’ll try to point out the points below:

  • Bypass FRP easily
  • Easy to use
  • No need for coding etc
  • No need to connect to Computer or Laptop
  • Lightweight app
  • Delete after the work done

These are some amazing features of FRP Bypass APK which is available to download for free from below. After completing the download process, be sure to check the installation and how to use steps also to prevent any error occurs while using the app.

Download FRP Bypass APK {Latest Version}

It’s very important that you only use the latest version of any app or software to be secure and get higher success rate. The downloadable file of FRP Bypass APK added below is always being updated with the latest and greatest version of the file. So feel free and secure to download and install the APK file from below.

The download button for the FRP Bypass APK file is added below, just hit the download button to start downloading the file. Once you hit the download button it’ll automatically start downloading the file on your device and you’ll be able to use it by following the steps mentioned below.

Once the download process has been completed, you can go to the next step to know how to use the FRP Bypass Tool App on your device.

How to use FRP Bypass APK on Android

There are too many ways that you can use this application and bypass the FRP security system on Android. Follow the method added below, whichever suits you according to the situation.

FRP Bypass APK: Bypass FRP without Laptop or PC (OTG)

If you don’t have access to a PC or laptop but have an OTG cable, you can use this method to bypass the FRP on your Android device. Follow the steps mentioned below to carefully:

Things you’ll need

  1. OTG Cable
  2. USB Flashdrive


  • At first download the FRP Bypass APK from above
  • Now copy the APK file of the app on your USB drive
  • After that connect the USB drive on your Android with the help of OTG cable
  • Now you should get a popup on your device asking to install the FRP Bypass APK file on your device
  • Now install the APK file on your device and you’ll be able to use the app just normally

Bypass FRP without any App or Tool

This is the method where you don’t even have to use the FRP Bypass APK to bypass the security system. Follow the steps mentioned below carefully

  • On the bootup connect to a working WiFi network
  • Now choose, Keep your apps & data option
  • Choose an iPhone or iPad device
  • Click next
  • Now turn off the WiFi router
  • Go back and click next
  • Click next and turn on your router
  • Once the device is connected click on the terms and condition link
  • Now select any word by long press and choose the assist from the menu
  • It’ll open the Google Now page and there type set and press enter
  • And you’ll be able to use the device normally

That’s how you can bypass FRB without any tool or app installed on your device. But this method doesn’t have the high ratio of success, so it is recommended to go with the FRP Bypass APK method and unlock your device at once.


This how you can bypass Factory Reset Protection on Android devices by Google using the FRP Bypass APK app. Before using the app, make sure that you have downloaded the FRP Bypass APK file from here only. For future update and issues feel free to come to our page and download the latest version of the official app. If you have any other issue regarding FRP, feel free to mention it in the comment space below and we’ll try our best to help you ASAP. Again, thank you for downloading FRP Bypass Tool APK from here and to support this page and help others, please share it with your friends and community.



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Wow thanks for this amazing trick, worked perfectly on my Galaxy S7. Thanks a lot.



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You are welcome 🙂



April 15, 2018

Thanks for this amazing tutorial. You just saved my phone.


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